May the Fourth Be With You: Rediscovering My Love for Trading Card Games on Star Wars Day


May the Fourth Be With You: Rediscovering My Love for Trading Card Games on Star Wars Day

This year, I'm celebrating May the Fourth by diving back into a hobby that I had set aside for the last three years: The Collectible Trading Card Game. What does this have to do with Star Wars on this glorious May the Fourth? Either you know where this is going already or you're about to find your new obsession.

The TCG hobby was a huge part of my life for nearly two decades. Before I even discovered Magic: The Gathering, it was Decipher's Lord of the Rings TCG. This was my initiation into the most satisfying way to buy cardboard. Unfortunately, the game ceased production not too many years after that but I wasn't done with TCGs. I found a group in college that was into Magic: The Gathering and in 2009 I bought my first set, a Zendikar starter deck, and from there on out it was an obsession. When MTG Arena came out and I was able to play endlessly and fluidly without having to go to a local game store, it was fun for a while but I'll be honest it got to be too much. I ground my way to a Mythic ranking one season and found myself entirely burned out, feeling isolated, and done with digital cards for good. 

So I took a break from the hobby for a few years, but I found myself getting the TCG itch again, but not for MTG Arena or anything online. I found myself wishing for the good old days of cracking packs not knowing what I could find, and above all I wanted to play with actual people again. Last month I went over to my brother-in-law's house and saw him playing "Star Wars: Unlimited." He wasn't wielding a powerful deck he had built, he was just battling basic starter packs and having a blast doing it. I was taken in by it, trandported back to 2002 when I bought my first Lord of the Rings TCG pack. I liked the flow of the game, it seemed fresh and engaging, it was two people sitting across from each other at an actual physical table, and above all it was Star Wars.

So this Star Wars Day, I'm going to my favorite local game store, Millenium Games, and I'm gonna celebrate by cracking some packs, just like old times, but this time it won't be College-Steve hoping to pull a Snapcaster Mage, I'll be looking for the music of my childhood: blasters and lightsabers and maybe an epic spaceship or two.

May the Fourth be with you all this Saturday. I know it will be with me. 

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By: @ Steve_TheCleric

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