TOP 5 1980's Back To School Movies

  As parents get their kids back into the swing of things for back to school month, we want to remind them that they too were once a student. The 1980's provided some of the best movies of our lifetime. A large majority of those classic films centered around friends, parties and school life. These movies scuplted our opinions, fashion sense and left quotes ingrained into our memories. Below is Nerdthusiast's top 5 1980's School Movies: 5.) Back To School (1986) "And just remember, the best thing about kids... is making them!" - Rodney Dangerfield This classic features none other than the legend Rodney Dangerfield. It showcases a father and son going to college. Dangerfield learns money can't buy an education, but it can buy a lot of fun. The film also highlights a great cameo by the band Oingo Boingo. 4.) Revenge of the Nerds (1984) "The nerds are a threat to our way of life" - Stan Gable How could a Nerdthusiast review not include Revenge of the Ner

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