Paterson Movie Review

  Paterson is a 2016 drama film written and directed by Jim Jarmusch and distributed by Amazon Studios. Set in Paterson New Jersey we follow the protagonist of the story, a bus driver and aspiring poet ironically also named Paterson played by Adam Driver.  All in the span of one week we see Paterson live his daily routine life over and over again, he wakes up early and goes to work, he writes some poetry in between his breaks, after work comes home to his lovely wife who is a baker and aspiring country singer, at night he walks her dog and goes to the bar to have a beer and small chatter with the bartender and other individuals who attend. Paterson is divergent from most films, even though it’s categorized as drama the drama feels free of any real intense or melodramatic drama. This is a fable about celebrating everyday life with everyday people who we come across in our own lives, but don't usually give much thought about, yet it has such an interwoven present while showcasing a f

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