Human Hibachi 2: Feast in the Forest

This past July, Nerdthusiast was invited by direct Mario Cerrito III to come hang out on set for his latest film.  The film Human Hibachi 2: Feast in the Forest is so gruesome that I went home and had to clean off fake blood from my clothes. 

" After the success of the original Human Hibachi, I knew I had to make something gorier" says Director and Producer, Mario Cerrito III. "The film has gained a following in Asia and Europe amongst " extreme horror" fans and the like extreme gore." He goes on to say " So I brought it even more in this one."


HH2 main stars include Jeff Alpert, Frank Volpe, Nick Brennan, Kristina Aponte, and Ray Bolden. The primary scenes have been shot in undisclosed locations in Mt. Holly and Riverside, New Jersey. 


 The Human Hibachi sequel cannibal horror movie
is shot in the same format as the first film. The viewer will experience a first person, found footage style of recording. (Blair Witch, Paranormal Activity)

On set this past in July I got to view a gruesome camp site murder and a literal feast in the forest. The actors worked hard in the heat and look to be putting together a gory "master feast"

The original Human Hibachi was picked up and released on the streaming service Troma. ( The original is also available on limited DVD release from the film's main website. ( ) 


As of now HH2 won't be released until 2022, but for anyone looking to catch a live showing of the original film they are in luck. 

Human Hibachi will be showing at the NJ Horror Con Festival this Sept.. The convention will be held at Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City on Sept. 3, 4, and 5. 

Nerdthusiast will also be on location on Sat. Sept. 4 for interviews and a live stream on site of the event.

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By: Anthony Cicali

Nerdthusiast Podcast Host and Blog Editor

Twitter: Eatahoagie