Gamecube: Top 10 Original Ips

 Gamecube: Top 10 Original Ips  The Nintendo GameCube might not have been a financial success for the company, but fans, like myself, think of it as a classic. We love it for its unique concept, innovative controller and selection of games, to name a few reasons.  While Nintendo might have been better off financially if they had gone in a different direction than the GameCube, there are several IPs that were born on the platform that we would be much worse-off without. Here are the top 10 original IPs that got their start on the not-so-square system: 10) Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Crystal Chronicles might not be anywhere near as popular as the mainline Final Fantasy series, but it is certainly a beloved set of games for those of us who only owned Nintendo consoles at the time.  Having lost the relationship with Square (Enix) during the fifth generation, to see even a spin-off come to Nintendo just one console later was a blessing.  All of us who had friends that wanted to join i

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