Is Poker Fair??? Simple question, right? I know, I know, it’s not that simple. Let’s cut right to the answer and then we can discuss how we got there. The quick answer is YES…and NO. What do I mean? Well, poker in the short run can definitely be UNFAIR, but we don’t play for the short run, do we? We play for the long run where it is FAIR! We’ve all been involved in a big pot that we were a huge favorite in only to lose when our opponent spiked a miracle card on the river. That is the short run. It was one hand. As much as it stings that we lost that hand, we have to move on because we play for the long run. In the long run, we win money by making positive expected value (+EV) decisions. I’ve given this brain teaser question to friends of mine who expressed an interest in learning poker: We are given a coin that we are going to flip. For every time it is flipped and lands on HEADS, I am going to give you $1.10 and for every time it is flipped and lands on TAILS, you have to give me $1

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