You Must Know Your Opponents When Playing Marginal Hands

 You Must Know Your Opponents When Playing Marginal Hands I’ve written a bunch of poker blogs over the years and for me personally, it is hard to write what I consider a good blog unless I am in the writing “mood” and also in the writing “mode”. By writing “mood” I mean that I just have to be ready to get my thoughts out of my head and onto the computer screen. By writing “mode” I mean that I have to have a subject that I feel is relevant to discuss. Many times, I’ve discussed poker subjects that have already been discussed and dissected a million different ways by several different poker authorities. I additionally try to come up with topics that I feel aren’t discussed or written about very often or at all. Those fresh topics are usually more interesting to me. Maybe it is because I am hoping to get additional feedback from other poker players on that topic in order to gain some sort of edge. I always enjoy reading other people’s opinions on poker subjects whether I agree with them o

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